It's almost ready!

Ready for the pyew pyew pyew to start! Going to release on 7 Aug 2020 unless for some reason a WAY better date comes up. This should make it coincide with the Steam release.

My logo artist has finally finished, and I have now been able to complete the last steps to getting this game ready for the store!

It's been a long road, off and on, for such a simple little game, but putting in LAN multiplayer, learning how UI systems and lots of little optimizations work, going through several ways of analyzing audio just to make the title menu get a cool effect, rerouting controls from player 1 to others to support multiple people on keyboard,  countless bugs, and the fact this is my first game ever made in Unreal Engine 4, has all taken some time.

I hope lots of people will enjoy playing on the couch or at the computer desk or across phones with their friends and family. Laser Tag at home, sort of :)

Files 200 MB
Version 4 Jul 11, 2020
ScootyShooty-Android-Shipping-armv7-es2.apk 127 MB
Version 8 Jul 11, 2020

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